Smart Wooden Sensor Light

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Unlock the Secrets to a Stunning Home.

This light turns on by itself in the dark when you’re near. It has special sensors to detect you and looks good as a decoration too.

Intelligent Induction Mode :

The human body + light control dual induction lamp turns on when detect human motion within 13ft in a dark environment, and automatically turn off after 15s if no motion detected.

Environment Detection :

This light identifies day and night automatically and will only illuminate at night, and stays off when there are lights around. The permanent light mode makes it can be use as an emergency lighting.

Super Easy Installation :

Effortless Setup! No complicated tools or mounts required. Simply peel off the backing and place it wherever you need. It’s that simple

Ultra-Bright Night Lights :

Ultra-bright 10 LEDs provide enough light to make sure you never stumble in the dark, combined with frosted lampshades, the light effect tends to be soft and warm, which effectively relieves pressure.

Detachable Design :

No tools, screws or nuts is required. An adhesive strip with magnetic fields is easily attached to/ detached from the lamp body. It also can be used as a flashlight in your hand or as a bedside lamp on your desk.

Simple & Exquisite Design :

This battery-powered night light is made from ground glass and black walnut or ash wood , solid matte acrylic make the warm light more soft which creates a relaxing atmosphere for you.

Multiple Occasions Use :

No need to plug in charging when use. With built-in magnets can be attached to any metal surface, this sensor light is suitable for bed side, drawer, cupboard, fridge door, stairway, basement, hallway etc.

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16 Reviews For This Product

  1. 16

    by Princessgfer


  2. 16

    by Karanjeet

    Easy to install. Motion light setting is the best!

  3. 16

    by Aasha 

    I really like this product. We placed them along our stairs and they look great! I love that they can be set on auto/motion sensing. 

  4. 16

    by Vimla

    I like these for reading in bed so I don’t wake up my husband, however when it comes to putting it back on the magnet, you need to get it just right or it will fall off. I don’t recommend putting it right above your head on the wall! They are pretty heavy and it’s almost hit my face! I can’t just easily place it back up when I’m getting sleepy. I have to sit up and turn around to see that it’s lined up exactly to magnetize. Otherwise, they are cute and do the job.

  5. 16

    by Jen Townsend

    So I bought these because I have a weird space above my toilet where there’s no lights and I didn’t feel like running wires to the space. The wood on them matched my cabinets and they looked really neat.Let me start by saying they are fun. My toddler loves playing with them with her dad as they have “lightsaber” fights.The motion detection works great.They look amazing in the space.They are not bright. This was the part that upset me. They are helpful for the middle of the night as a night light sort of thing, but they do nothing to brighten up the space during the day, even with the tiny amount of light my bathroom gets.I’ve also already had the sticky base pop off once on one of them, but it went right back on and it didn’t damage the new paint beneath (So there is that).The magnets work great. The battery works well (since we have the motion detect on). The only problem with the auto setting is that they don’t stay on for very long. So be prepared to wave a hand to turn them back on.Beyond that, I would probably by them again, but plan on using them solely for a night light option for the hallway.

  6. 16

    by Shubham Khurana

    Our stairway has a very high ceiling and by using these at top and bottom of stairs, we avoid getting out the high ladder to replace the light bulbs so often. Great and helpful product.

  7. 16

    by Sushmita

    I bought one before for our hall. My husband wanted a second one (long hall.) For some reason, our hall lights are near the floor and pretty bright. I don’t always want to turn them on, and my husband likes to use the hall bath during the night. These work great. Just plug them in like a phone with the included cord to charge them. So easy to install. Not terribly bright, but we just wanted some illumination. We use the auto function, so they just go on when we walk in the hall. I wish I had bought the 2 pack to start with.

  8. 16

    by Ananya

    It’s a great looking way to add dim light to the bathroom or closet. I love that you can take it off and use it as a flashlight.

  9. 16

    by Reena 

    It’s a cute light, looks like item pictured, however the adhesive ripped the paint off the wall. I recommend not using the adhesive that comes on it, just use a command strip instead.

  10. 16

    by Bhagyalaxmi Iyer

    Lights aren’t over bright perfect for the bedroom bedside lamps. And the sensor is perfect for our needs and I just turn it off at night.

  11. 16

    by Chandra


  12. 16

    by Monica 

    Great for kids and adults scared of the dark!

  13. 16

    by Golu

    We put these in our foyer and the motion detector has the light come on at night. Works great for what we need. Love them!

  14. 16

    by Jashneet kaurJ

    They have great sensors and been very useful in the bathroomsI am going to move these to hallway but maybe they are more useful in the bathrooms besides the switchLight is perfect yellow and the frosted cover is perfect even if u look directly into the lifht headWith other lights its an issue that if you look directly at them they are so bright and blinds you for a second but these have frosted plastic head which is perfect

  15. 16

    by robin

    LOVE THIS ITEM! I show it off to everyone who walks down my hallway. Motion detection is perfect, lighting is just right AND it can be removed and used as a flashlight!!!!! Easy to install with just a sticker on the wall.. couldn’t be happier… LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  16. 16

    by Amta

    Easy to use perfect for kids room.

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Smart Wooden Sensor Light

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