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✅Improves Stamina

✅Cleared Blocked Airways

✅Improve Lung Capacity

✅Eliminate Shortness of Breath


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Unlock Your Lungs Potential

Introducing Glanza™️ Oxyboost it works diligently to clear your airways, Increasing lungs capacity and revitalising your breathing. Feel the difference as it helps you to breath easier, increase stamina and reduce fatigue.

Why Choose Glanza™️ Oxyboost?

Optimized Oxygen Delivery: Leveraging advanced technology, Glanza™️ Oxyboost ensures a consistent and optimized flow of oxygen, directly catering to your body’s needs during various activities.

Compact and Mobile: Designed with your dynamic lifestyle in mind, Glanza™️ Oxyboost is your portable companion for all adventures. Its sleek, lightweight design means you can take it anywhere, from the highest peaks to the urban jungle.

Long-lasting Performance: With Glanza™️ Oxyboost, your explorations are limitless. Engineered for endurance, it provides prolonged oxygen support, ensuring you have the energy to pursue your dreams, longer and farther.

Eco-Friendly Innovation: At Glanza™️, we’re committed to sustainability. Glanza™️ Oxyboost is a testament to our dedication, offering an eco-conscious choice for oxygen support without compromising on performance.

Discover the Difference –

Oxyboost is more than just an oxygen supplement; it’s your gateway to living fuller, breathing deeper, and exploring further. It’s designed for the adventurer in you, ensuring every breath you take is charged with the purity and vitality needed to conquer new heights.

Seamless Integration into Your Lifestyle:

Oxyboost fits seamlessly into your daily routine, offering the ease and convenience of use, so you’re always ready for the next adventure.

Trusted by Professionals:

Recommended by athletes and professionals who demand the most from their bodies, Glanza™️ Oxyboost is the trusted choice for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best in oxygen support.


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11 Reviews For This Product

  1. 11

    by Rajeev Singh

    I only recently started using this to see if it’ll strengthen my lungs and surrounding muscles to help cough up mucus and breathe easier. I’m starting on level one and working my way up. So far, I’m impressed.

  2. 11

    by Akash Bhadauriya

    Easy to use, still new to the device, need to give it some time to see if my lungs train up as advertised.

  3. 11

    by Adarsh Singh

    I have what’s called dyspnea on exertion which means that when I do certain things I get short of breath. I started doing respiratory exercises to try to mitigate the problem (they won’t cure it, that’s another issue entirely) and when I saw this I thought “Well why not?”And when I first tired it I thought “Okay I know why not.” But I persisted in using it and now I’m actually quite comfortable with the process and have even upped the air resistance so that my respiratory muscles have to work harder. It does help. It makes my life more comfortable. So if you need to strengthen your breathing, this might be a very good option. I’d suggest you talk to your doctor first (mine endorsed it) and then give this a shot. 

  4. 11

    by Ayaan Khan

    The structure is made of silicone and safe and easy to use. It has multiple options for respiratory breathing. I am using it with my physical fitness training especially running. It is easy to use and operate. I like that it is good to use for meditation as well. As with other ways, this device is good to learn how to inhale and exhale air to reserve energy. Just find a level of resistance that suits your training

  5. 11

    by Ramu Michael 

    I had never heard of this breathing exercise devices before, so when I saw it I thought it might be interesting to try out. It’s a pretty simple device. It has a soft mouth guard that you bite down on. You then breath in and out of a tube that has a valve that you can close and open to create more or less resistance. Since you are breathing through this device, it is not silent. It’s sort of a Darth Vader effect but less cool sounding. I like it. You definitely notice a difference in resistance as you close the valve

  6. 11

    by Rohit

    I have been using this device daily for 3 days. I really can’t tell if I have better lung capacity or function but I will continue. I can’t manage to use it longer than about 5-6 minutes because it causes me to have stiffness in my mouth.

  7. 11

    by Vishnu Khichar

    Love the easy fit and comfort of taking it every where I go

  8. 11

    by Aadi Jain

    Its a well made simple device which works well. It fit my mouth perfectly. I use it whenever I need to do deep breathing exercises in order to calm myself whenever I am stressed/ anxious and being able to hear my inhale and exhale with this device helps me to relax better. With more use I expect to strengthen my breathing muscle as they have become weak and become tight/tense from time to time due to stress

  9. 11

    by Shailendra bisht

    Good Product

  10. 11

    by Sandeep Kumar

    Convenient for using whenever and wherever you are.

  11. 11

    by Prentiss Davis

    It was an easy to use device and it really does work! I have notice a difference even when sleeping. Great device!!

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Glanza ™️ Oxyboost

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