Smart Hoola Hoop

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  • Easy Home Workout
  • Effortless Setup
  • Compact Design

Revolutionize Your Fitness Journey with Smart Hula Hoop!

Transform Your Workout with Smart Hula Hoop

Welcome to a world where fitness meets fun and technology. The Smart Hula Hoop is more than just a workout tool; it’s a revolutionary approach to your daily exercise regimen. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, this innovative device brings the joy back into staying active.

Swing Inches Away!

Grab the weight and attach it to the belt. Start swinging away calories & inches. The resistance from the ball will help sculpts your body!

Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

Do it while watching TV or listening to music. Either way it’s an effective workout you can do anywhere!

Easy Set-Up

Easy set-up Attach the weight to the track and you are ready to go! Join over 100,000 happy customers on their journey.

One Size Fits All

The adjustable design of the Smart Hula Hoop makes it suitable for various body types and sizes.

Start Your Smart Fitness Journey Today with Smart Hula Hoop!

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by Chaudhary Pratap

    This is awesome!! 

  2. 15

    by Rohit kumar

    It’s easy to use, however adjusting it is not that easy, comfortable enough if worn properly.

  3. 15

    by kapila senger

    Works as it should

  4. 15

    by Sharad kumar

    I’ve been using it for 30mins-1hr everyday since I got it. It’s fun, the colors are vibrant, and it comes with extra attachments just in case you’re on the bigger side (I’m 40in round so I didn’t have to use the extras, but it’s nice to have em just in case something breaks). The little pressure buttons on the inside pinch and pop, and it’s like getting tiny punches all over your stomach and back. Not the most comfortable device, but it’s fine when used in moderation.

  5. 15

    by Aman Arora

    It works well. I honestly bought it because I kept getting adds on  instagram. I don’t use it everyday, but you can feel the burn if used properly

  6. 15

    by Md. Ali

    It’s super simple to use.

  7. 15

    by Deepti dohre

    I liked my hoop I ordered. It was easy to put together. It’s easy to work and it gives a good workout. I just started to use so I am hoping for good results soon!

  8. 15

    by Gaurav Yadav

    It was easy to assemble and worked as expected but it’s not quiet like they advertise. People in your house will definitely hear it and you’ll have to turn up the tv a bit to hear clearly. Excited to see if there’s long term effects

  9. 15

    by Anjula sharma

    The only reason this got for stars is because once you put it on, it is very hard to takeoff. I’m also having a lot of trouble adjusting the size and removing just one or two pieces. It goes together incredibly easy but I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble taking it apart. It’s good that it’s not going to fall apart, but you also have to use a lot of force to get it apart and I’m scared of breaking it. I don’t know if I just lack hand strength or because it’s new it’s hard to open but hopefully that will get easier overtime.

  10. 15

    by Kumar mangal

    I love the concept, it pushes me to challenge myself. 

  11. 15

    by Leena

    The plastic isn’t as heavy as I expected. It is adjustable which is nice.

  12. 15

    by Raj kumar

    This 1 I brought for my sister as gift she loves it so easy to put together and use

  13. 15

    by Karan saluja

    I finally broke down and bought this product after it popping up in my insta for a month. It is a lot of fun and easy to do (even for someone out of shape like me). I just started today, so can’t vouch for inches lost yet, but it is easy to put together and easy to use! Excited to see if it helps me slim out in my middle.

  14. 15

    by Sonia

    Very durable and very nice! I have used it a few times and so has my husband and it fits around him and myself and we have used it.

  15. 15

    by Ameesha Tripathi

    I needed something to ease myself back into exercising. At first it took some time to keep it going. I could never hula hoop. Once I got the hang of it I can do the full 30 minutes all at once. Hint, if you do it in front of the tv, your 30 minutes is over before you know it! I love it!

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Smart Hoola Hoop

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