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Make Your Egg Rolls In Minutes

Experience the convenience and speed of our electric egg roll machine! In just minutes, you can have perfectly cooked egg rolls that are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Simply crack an egg, add a pinch of salt to taste, and let the machine do the rest. No more standing over a hot stove or trying to get the perfect fry. With our electric egg roll machine, you’ll be able to effortlessly and consistently produce delicious egg rolls every time. Give it a try and see for yourself how easy and quick it is to make your own egg rolls at home!”

Automatic cooking

Our electric egg roll machine makes it easy to create delicious and customizable egg rolls in just minutes. Simply add two teaspoons of oil to each tube and let it heat for two minutes. Then, you can crack two eggs into each tube or mix in your choice of ingredients like cheese, ham, or vegetable granules. Just be sure not to exceed the volume of two eggs in each tube to prevent overflow. With our electric egg roll machine, you’ll be able to effortlessly and consistently produce tasty egg rolls every time.

Non-Stick liner

Featuring a new Teflon coating, this liner ensures that your cooking never comes into contact with it, making for a hassle-free experience. No more stuck-on food or difficult clean-up – simply wipe down the liner after use and it’s ready for the next batch of egg rolls. Make perfect, mess-free egg rolls every time with our advanced non-stick liner.”

Revolutionary cooking system

This is not a simple omelette machine, it can also add your own secret formula developed, It can also be a good helper for your family time, and you can make a different child cooperation family snack, and away from open flame.

Easy To Clean

Our electric egg roll machine is not only easy to use, but it’s also easy to clean. The high-quality, non-stick liner ensures that food does not stick to the surface, making for an effortless clean-up. Simply wipe down the liner after use and you’re good to go. Plus, the sleek and modern design of the machine makes it easy to store and keep your kitchen looking tidy. Make delicious and perfectly cooked egg rolls in no time with our convenient and easy-to-clean electric egg roll machine.

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14 Reviews For This Product

  1. 13

    by Rajesh Varshney

    Worth buy..

    Value for money.. easy to use.. 

  2. 13

    by Arush kumar

    Lovely will use it soon, excited

  3. 13

    by Sarvesh kushwaha

    Good dish maker

  4. 13

    by Yatindra 

    I wish i could use bread in it also, otherwise for rolls its amazing

  5. 13

    by Chandra Modi


  6. 13

    by Srilaxmi 


  7. 13

    by Ananya 

    Loved It, Very easy to use

  8. 13

    by Turant Jai Kumar

    Good machine, satisfied

  9. 13

    by Srikant Das

    Time saver machine, worth buy

  10. 13

    by Arvind singh

    its Very Tasty rolls

  11. 13

    by Suryakant 


  12. 13

    by Sheetal kumari


  13. 13

    by Sudeep 

    Amazing omelette machine

  14. 13

    by Kamal Pandey

    Satisfied, Nice machine

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